Clemson University Volleyball

Virtual Summer Camps


Michaela Franklin Volleyball Camps 
would like to invite you to our 
2020 Summer Virtual Camps! 
(Athletes entering 5th to the 8th grade.)

All camp curriculum is created with virtual capabilities in mind. Training is designed toward drills and activities that participants can do at home and with minimal assistance.

Questions on virtual camp dynamics? 
Please email for all additional camp information.

Setter Camps
Grades: Rising 5th - 8th
Times: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Cost: $75
Registration Cut-Off: July 5 @ 11:59pm
July 13th - 15th REGISTER
Attacker Camps
Grades: Rising 5th - 8th
Times: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Cost: $75
Registration Cut-Off: July 7 @ 11:59pm
July 15th - 17th REGISTER

Server Camps
Grades: Rising 5th - 8th
Times: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Cost: $75
Registration Cut-Off: July 5 @ 11:59pm
July 13th - 15th REGISTER
Passer/Defender Camps
Grades: Rising 5th - 8th
Times: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Cost: $75
Registration Cut-Off: July 7 @ 11:59pm
July 15th - 17th REGISTER

**If you chose to buy all 4 camps in the same transaction, your discounted cost will be $250.00.

*An Online Processing Fee Will Be Applied At Check-out

Setters Camp             
Setter Sessions are designed to provide comprehensive practice on movement and hand placement.  This course has drills to promote efficiency in movement and proper technique.

Setter Session 1 - a progression of hand and arm placement and movement. Setter Session 1 provides a foundation of drills participants can practice for efficient movement with their arms, wrists, and hands.

Setter Session 2 - provides practice with an emphasis on efficient footwork. Participants will practice directional movement and establish a range that is comfortable

Setter Session 3 - combines the skills learned in the first two sessions into a dynamic workout with a brief refresh to warm up the group.

Suggested Items:  Volleyball/Ball and Kneepads/Towel

Attackers Camp
Attacker Sessions is great practice in three specific skill areas - Hands, Arms, and Feet. These sessions will hammer in proper technique and attacker form.

Attacker Session 1 - provides practice on hand to ball contact, footwork essentials, and jump mechanics.

Attacker Session 2 - provides participants a variety of drills to promote proper arm and throwing mechanics. Drills will isolate movements between the hand, arm, and shoulder. Growth in this session increases attacker range.

Attacker Session 3 - recaps the most important skills from earlier sessions and progresses into a practice in coordinated footwork with movement.

Suggested Items: Volleyball/Ball, Tennis Ball, Blue Painters Tape (any size)


Servers Camp            
Serving Sessions provide great practice in one of the most impactful skills in Volleyball, Serving. Session progress servers in hand contact, footwork, and movement mechanics.

Server Session 1 - starts with a recap of some of the hand to ball skills then progresses into serving mechanics in a stationary pose.

Server Session 2 - begins with arm mechanics and continues with drills that isolate parts of the mechanics for serving progression growth.

Server Session 3 - will continue to provide hand contact work. Participants will then "rep out" jump float approach mechanics.

Suggested Items:  Volleyball/Ball and Kneepads/Towel


Passer/Defenders Camp 
The Passer/Defender Sessions are designed to gain skills in the platform and controlling the ball’s trajectory. Participants will also get practice in efficient movement mechanics when moving toward the ball.

Passer/Defender Session 1 - The ability to manipulate the platform is essential for ball handlers of all ages. Platform progression drills and proper contact work highlight this session.

Passer/Defender Session 2 - This session is built on growing skills on manipulating the arch the ball rides on. Participants will get effective practice to get their platform skills up!

Passer/ Defender Session 3 - This session provides drills to practice lateral movement and movement mechanics when interacting with a volleyball.

Suggested Items:  Volleyball/Ball and Kneepads/Towel

  • Volleyball
  • Tennis Ball (attacking and serving campers)
  • Water Bottle
  • Participants are asked to provide a buddy, parent, or sibling to help during the camp
  • Computer/Device to access Zoom 

Before we start:

► Inspect Your Area
► No Hitting the Floor (No diving)
► If you need a break, take it
Refund Policy: No Refunds
Camp Forms: Camp Forms are emailed to all campers upon online registration completion. These forms MUST be filled out and returned at check-in for camp.

All Michaela Franklin Volleyball camps are open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender).